Performance Of Stainless Steel Cable Ties

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Stainless steel cable ties are divided into a variety of materials, different materials are used in different environments, and the 201 stainless steel  material is used for binding and fastening in various ordinary environments. In an acid-alkaline environment, use 304, 316 stainless steel cable tie for binding. The nickel and chromium in this material are extremely resistant to corrosion and have a long service life. In more severe environments, epoxy coated cable ties are used for fastening. The epoxy coated cable ties are sprayed with epoxy resin powder. It has more protection than uncoated stainless steel cable ties. It is widely used in the environment with strong salinity and large temperature difference. Another type of cable tie: plastic coated. It is made of PVC and super glue coated with stainless steel, which is waterproof, flame retardant, and strong corrosion resistance.

Application of Stainless Steel Cable Tie

Stainless steel cable ties are widely used in the binding and fastening of ships and warships, heavy petroleum machinery, nuclear power high-speed railway locomotives, and power communications. For the convenience of using in different parts, stainless steel cable ties have different binding methods and different structures: ball lock type, L type, O type, ladder type, universal type, etc, there are also self-assembling stainless steel strap and buckles.


Stainless steel cable tie products show a strong advantage in the pipeline industry. 
1. It can bundle pipes of any diameter.
2. Unique buckle design, with good sealing at the buckle position, ensuring the balance of stress in the entire loop of the ties.
3. The size of the prefabricated pipe clamp improves the efficiency of pipe installation.
4. Reduce the inventory of pipe clamps, prefabricated pipe clamps can bundle any pipe smaller than its size.
5. Efficient electric tools and pneumatic tools, adjustable tension design, ensure the tightness and stability of the installation.


It is widely used in the fastening of indoor and outdoor telecommunication cables.
1. Stainless steel cable tie guarantees the safety of communication cables with its good tightness.
2. The unique stainless steel cable tie reserves the space for the cable to expand due to heat. While ensuring reliable tightness, the surface is not scratched.
3. The unique patented surface fireproof coating design ensures the fire resistance and safety performance of the cable.


In the aviation field of special requirements, stainless steel tape products have more outstanding performance.
1. Reliable stainless steel cable ties to ensure the safety of aircraft cables in harsh environments.
2. The selection of fireproof materials meets the requirements of the aviation industry.
3. The special patented cable protection design guarantees the cable surface while ensuring the cable is fastened;
4. Stainless steel cable ties play a good advantage in aviation oil pipelines and air pipelines.