The Craftsmanship Of Stainless Steel Cable Tie Expert

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------Interview with NIKO Electric Co., Ltd.

In 2000, when nylon cable ties were widely used for bundling electrical accessories, business in the overseas trade market was booming. At that time, stainless steel cable ties rarely appeared in China. By chance, a foreign customer gave us a piece of ball lock type cable ties. Since then, we have started our stainless steel cable tie.

The company leaders are hard-working pioneers like most WENZHOU people. In one year, he led the team to design and develop 5 products, make 30 molds. As soon as the product went on the market, the domestic market was in short supply. So it registered its own production company: YUEQING YINGFA CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD (NIKO Electric Co., Ltd. was re-registered for the subsequent expansion of capital), and sold to overseas markets. The demand in overseas markets is even greater, and a large number of high-quality customers have been accumulated in less than two years, with revenue reaching 20 million US dollars!

Different customers have different demands. The company continues to develop and increase the types of cable ties under the requirements of the market. In terms of product quality, it strives for excellence. The products have passed UL, CCS, ISO9001 and other certifications. In 2012, 15 automatic stamping lines, 2 automatic spraying lines, one plastic coating line were upgraded, and other automatic equipment was developed and designed. R&D and innovation require a large amount of capital investment and the courage of the company's helm. But the facts have proved that: high investment, high production efficiency, high product quality, and a large number of high-quality customers.

The company team is facing various small processing plants to acquire customers with low prices and rough quality in the expansion of new markets, and treats it with an inclusive heart: we can't control what others do, but we insist on manufacturing quality products. Insist on developing products that meet market needs and sell them to people who understand.